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The Kingston Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency located in Tennessee. The department is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of those in the community. The department is responsible for patrolling the city, enforcing laws and ordinances, investigating crimes, community crime prevention, problem solving, and conflict resolution. The department also offers public services such as neighborhood watch, elder watch, and business watch. The public can submit crime tips on the department’s webpage.

The overall crime rate in Kingston is 71% lower than the national average, and the violent crime rate is 87% lower than the national average. The residents of Kingston have a 1 in 147 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Kingston is statistically safer than 67% of all cities in the United States, and safer than 76% of all cities in the state of Tennessee.

The annual crime rate in Kingston per 100,000 people was 684 in the year 2019. Of the 684 crimes committed there were approximately 16.7 rapes, 33.3 assaults, 116.7 burglaries, 450.1 thefts, and 66.7 vehicle thefts. The year over year crime rate has decreased by 50%. Kingston is rated “A” for public safety.

Jim Washam, Chief of Police
Email: [email protected]

Kingston Police Department
900 Waterford Place
Kingston, TN 37763
Phone: 865-376-2081
Fax: 865-376-8798

Population Served: 6,000
Number of Officers: 10

Kingston, Tennessee Police Station

Kingston is located in central Tennessee. The city is the county seat of Roane County. Kingston covers a total of 7.97 square miles and has a population of 5,927. The population is part of the Harriman Micropolitan Statistical Area. The city was incorporated in 1799. There are currently 30 registered sex offenders residing in the city.

Kingston operates with a mayor and city council as their form of local government. The current mayor is Timothy F. Neal. Neal is a Kingston native. He was first elected to office in 1995.

Contact the Mayor:

Timothy F. Neal, Mayor
Phone: 865-376-6584 ext. 1102
Fax: 865-376-1425

Record Requests and Mugshots in Kingston, Tennessee

Public records are available through the Kingston City Clerk’s Office. Record requests must be submitted in person. The clerk has 7 business days to respond to the request. There may be a fee for copies of records.

Police records are also processed through the Kingston City Clerk’s Office. Record request forms can be downloaded from the Kingston Police Department’s website. The record request form can be returned in person or by mail to the city clerk’s office.

All persons arrested by the Kingston Police Department are transported to and housed in the Roane County Jail. The jail updates their inmate roster every 24 hours. The roster lists inmates in alphabetical order by last name. The inmate’s name, age, booking date, mugshot, charges, bond and court information is made accessible on the roster. Inmate records are available through the jail.

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Kingston, Tennessee

The Roane County Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency located in Kingston, Tennessee. The office is responsible for keeping the peace, attending the courts, serving the process and orders of the courts and operating the county jail.

The Sheriff’s Office does not have a most wanted list or a public warrant search. All warrant information is available in person at the office.

Jack Stockton, Sheriff
Roane County Sheriff’s Office
230 N 3rd Street
PO Box 623
Kingston, TN 37763
Phone: 865-376-5582

Inmate Record Check

Arrests, Mugshot, Recent Bookings

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