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The Centerville Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency located in Tennessee. The department consists of 3 main divisions: administration, patrol and criminal investigations. The administration division is composed of the command staff of the department as well as the records and evidence unit. The patrol division is responsible for enforcing laws and ordinances. The criminal investigations division is composed of detectives who investigate and solve crimes. The department employs 17 law enforcement personnel.

The overall crime rate in Centerville is 20% lower than the national average and the violent crime rate is 26% lower than the national average. The citizens of Centerville have a 1 in 51 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Centerville is statistically safer than 41% of all cities in the United States and safer than 55% of all cities in the state of Tennessee.

The annual crime rate in Centerville per 100,000 people was 1,992 in the year 2020. Of the 1,992 crimes committed there were approximately 280.6 assaults, 336.7 burglaries, 1,290.7 thefts and 84.3 vehicle thefts. Centerville is graded “B” for public safety.

Shannon Irwin, Chief of Police
Phone: 931-729-4246 ext 113

Centerville Police Department
102 East Swan Street
Centerville, TN 37033
Phone: 931-729-4246

Centerville, Tennessee Information

Centerville is a town located in central Tennessee. Centerville is the county seat and only incorporated city or town in Hickman County. The town was incorporated in 1853. The town covers a total of 10.76 square miles and has a population of 3,540. There are currently 12 registered sex offenders residing in Centerville.

The town of Centerville is run by elected officials including a mayor and ten aldermen. The current mayor is Gary Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs was elected mayor in October of 2013. Before being elected mayor, Mr. Jacobs has served as an alderman since 2009.

Gary Jacobs, Mayor
Phone: 615-418-4718
Email: [email protected]

Record Requests and Mugshots in Centerville, Tennessee

Public records are available through the Centerville Town Hall. Record requests must be submitted in writing and in person. The person submitting a record request must be a Tennessee resident.

Police records are available through the Centerville Police Department. Record requests must be submitted in person. There may be a fee for a copy of a record.

All persons arrested by the Centerville Police Department are transported to and housed in the Hickman County Jail. The jail does not have a current inmate roster listing mugshots and charges. For information on inmate records and mugshots, contact the jail at 931-729-5844.

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Centerville, Tennessee

The Hickman County Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency located in Centerville, Tennessee. The department is composed of divisions such as patrol, corrections, criminal investigations and administration. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for overseeing the county jail, serving warrants and civil processes papers, responding to calls for service, conducting investigations on criminal activity and more.

The Hickman County Sheriff’s Office does not offer a public warrant or most wanted search at this time. For information on active warrants and most wanted fugitives, contact the office.

Randal Ward, Sheriff
Hickman County Sheriff’s Office
108 College Avenue
Centerville, TN 37033
Phone: 931-729-6143
Email: [email protected]

Inmate Record Check

Arrests, Mugshot, Recent Bookings

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